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H&r block cannot download state

H&r block cannot download state

Trying to install Hawaii state program and I get "You need administrator privilages to download and install" on my Windows7 computer. 12 Apr Solved: I have paid for State download software after I'm done with Federal Tax return, But when I click on the State to download, I didn't see any. 29 Oct I need to download State for Oklahoma. I paid for it, then deleted the program from my computer when my taxes were done. I now have need to reprint my federal return, but the program won't allow me to open my federal program unless I have state loaded, and I can't get state to load. How do I.

4 Apr Cannot download state software. It asks for "Administrator" password.I enter the password and hit "Next" and it asks for. 16 Apr I bought the Premier tax package and did the Ferderal return ok. tried downloading the state pack and it won't complete the download, just stops, no. 12 Mar I've tried disabling the proxy settings, and I've tried disabling any firewalls on my computer (Windows Firewall, Norton Antivirus, etc.) but nothing has helped the situation. I'm to the point I can't complete my taxes without the ability to download the state version. I've tried to call HRBLOCK but was told.

14 Apr This error is caused when your computer date and time are incorrect. Follow these steps to reset your system date and time: For Windows: Close the software; Double-click the time in the system tray at the bottom right of the screen. Set the current date and time, and click OK. Open the software; Click the. 15 Feb I downloaded the federal update that was available (B), and applied it. Then I went back to the 'prepare state' button, and I still get the popup that says I need to update before I can open the state section. I tried to update from within the program again, I still get 'Cannot connect to server' error. I am stuck, I. 10 Feb For the second year in a row, I am having same issue. When I try to download state program, I continually get message that I need to update. After.



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